Boot Camp Common Questions

1. What if I am not in good enough shape to participate? Your coach is an experienced fitness professional who is trained to make adjustments for all abilities. Everyone will be successful and modifications will be given throughout the class to accommodate everyone and so that everyone can be successful in seeing physical changes.

2. What if I want to join in the middle of a month? The program is set up to begin at the start of each month, however anyone can join at any time. Each week the workouts become progressively more challenging, but accommodations will be given in necessary. The program is ongoing so you can begin your first full month at the start of the next month at which time assessments are done and the nutrition seminar is held. If you are motivated now, do not wait to start.

3. What if I am doing other fitness activities? The IMPACT program is a 3 day a week, 55 minute workout that is high intensity. If you are already athletic, you may be able to also do this in conjunction with other activities. If you are already conditioned at your other activities (for example running or yoga) you can likely continue them on alternating days, however you should be wise to incorporate adequate rest so that you get the most out of your workouts and your body has time to repair.

4. What if I am on monthly billing and I am going on vacation? The program is set up to complete 12 monthly sessions beginning on the first Monday of the Month until 12 sessions are complete. If you have a special situation that does not permit you to attend all 12 sessions, please speak to your coach privately.


5. What can I expect if I do the workouts, but not the meal plan? You will be fitter, firmer and better conditioned, but you should not expect dramatic changes to your body composition. You will have an improved resting and working heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol as well as blood sugar, however if you want to achieve a fit looking and feeling body, you will get the most significant results by following the eating plan.

6. If I am signed up for a certain class time and location, but another is offered by the same coach, can I show up at another class? You are expected to attend the class you register for. If you need to switch to another time and or location, please get pre-approval from your coach prior to the session.

7. How hard are the workouts? The workouts are challenging. They are developed with the intention to change your body in positive ways as quickly as possible. There is a good chance many of the workouts are new to you and the format allows little time for rest. That being said, the class is self paced and you will be encouraged to do your personal best.

8. Do I get a discount for signing up for more than one month? The price is the same for each month. There is a 25% discount for pre-paying for 12 months in advance.

9. Is there a discount if I join with a friend? The price is the same for each attending member. Everyone pays the same investment. There is a $25.00 referral fee paid to you for referring a friend.

10. What should I expect at the fitness assessment? The fitness assessment is held after the nutrition seminar on Sunday night. You will be weighed in and body composition, circumference measurements and photo’s will be taken. The photos are for your file and will not be used without your permission. Some instructors may choose to do additional testing. It will take about 5 minutes in total. The assessment will be repeated at the end of each month to compare your improvement over time. It’s a fantastic experience at each re-assessment to visually see your improvements.

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