I started working out with Maria in May 2014 at 178 lbs and by the end of June 2014, I reached 158 lbs. She is a motivator and fun to be around and work out with! She encourages you to train hard! In addition to her workouts, she also recommended nutritional shakes and cleanses which have been an excellent compliment to losing weight within a fitness schedule. Give Maria a call and start working to achieve your goals!

Thank you,

I have had the pleasure of training with Maria Hunter and I can say she is wonderful to work with! I am almost 60 years young and after losing my job due to the Sequester I had become very sedentary. I knew I had to do something or it was all going to go downhill! I also have some physical challenges with worn out knees and a bum shoulder so in my mind, I was quite a challenge for a trainer to work with. Maria not only has been able to modify my training to compensate for my past injuries but has also worked in ways to strengthen them. My strength and balance have improved and my knees are pain-free when doing stairs! I’d also like to mention that our sessions include lots of laughter and fun!! Count yourself blessed if you decide to work with Maria Hunter!!

Debbie S., Virginia Beach, Va.

I am a professional that has worked in the health care field for more than 20 years. I have always been very active and have maintained my weight by running, hot yoga, workout classes at the gym. You name it I have done it all. However, despite that active lifestyle I have always been about 10-15 pounds overweight. I just could not seem to shake those last pounds over the years. I have known Maria for many years and was excited when she shared with me that she had started Lifestyle and Weight Management Consulting. I met with Maria a few times, got tremendous support with emails and texts and in a matter of a few months I was able to lose that first 8 pounds. (On a 5 ‘tall frame it makes a big difference). Maria was able to demonstrate to me how to monitor and modify my eating in subtle ways that would allow me to lose those extra pounds. As I mentioned before, being physically active has always been relatively easy for me, but I needed to modify my eating to get the full benefit of all of my time at the gym. I have literally weighed the same (within 3-4 pounds) for about 14 years. I turned 50 this year and this is the time in my life when weight loss and weight maintenance can get even tougher, she helped encourage me so that I could get started. I have about another 7 pounds to go, but I am feeling much more encouraged.

Grateful for her advice and encouragement.

I worked with Maria for about 14 months. When I started, I led a completely sedentary lifestyle. I got winded walking up stairs, to say nothing of jogging – I’d feel accomplished to “run” for even 60 seconds! My day consisted of getting up, sitting at a desk for 9 hours, then sitting on the couch for the rest of the evening. When I realized how little I was able to get out of my body, I knew something had to change. I signed up for a gym and personal training with Maria three times per week. That first fitness test was rough – I couldn’t do a pushup or any real sit ups, and I definitely couldn’t hold a plank. I endured 90 seconds of cardio at one time. It was devastating to realize how far I let myself go.

Maria sat with me and we talked about my fitness goals. I set a goal of being able to run a 5k. She worked with me on my nutritional approach to caring for my body, and constantly sent recipes my way she thought I’d enjoy. And of course, over time, she kept pushing me gradually as my abilities improved.

Over 14 months, I never experienced a training injury working with Maria. She knew just how to build me up gradually until, in our final months of training, she would joke that I had become stronger than her! I blew past my 5k goal, tackling several longer races and developing an independent desire for competition and continual self-improvement. As an added bonus, I lost 40lb along the way. The sense of accomplishment I now have after being able to run several miles without stopping, or being able to lift progressively heavier weights, or holding a plank longer than I could have imagined, is indescribable.

I definitely recommend training with Maria – especially if you’re like me, starting from zero with nowhere to go but up! I can’t thank her enough for helping me to change my life for the better.
Jaime G

I have had so many compliments on my new figure I was almost overwhelmed with question. I cannot thank you enough for getting me back where I needed to be, no dizziness in the morning, no sore aching bones when I get out of bed and enough energy to go all day. Its like I have a whole new rested body actually a whole new me. I wish everyone could only realize ALL the benefits from taking less than an hour a day to get yourself feeling like you can take on the world.

I promise you I had over a dozen women at the party asking me what I was doing and where I was doing it! They have no idea the difference in your body from a workout at the gym compared to what you can achieve with IMPACT. Even my brother is absolutely amazed at my transition and energy in just 4 short weeks.
Jackie Heide (age 60+ Entrepreneur)

In the past 12 weeks I dropped the last 13 pounds and now weigh less than 120 pounds! I have lost another 11.5 inches and 6% body fat with a total weight loss of 44 pounds. IMPACT Rocks!

If I had to give any advice to anyone reading this, I would say, don’t take too much time to THINK about it, just do it. You will be glad you did. I recommend joining IMPACT with a friend. Not wanting to let them down is a huge motivator. As a 50+ busy mom, wife, entrepreneur and competitive horse woman, I can tell you that I can do it and you can too.
Rhonda White (40+ Entrepreneur)

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I really didn’t notice any one thing that was affecting my health, but I realized I was moving a little slower in my soccer games! My wife signed me up for IMPACT. I showed up the first morning not sure what to expect but my coach was great! I never get board and each workout dedicates time to the muscle groups that need the most improvement. By the end of month I was able to do triple the amount of push ups and feel fantastic in my clothes. I look forward to the camp not only for the health and fitness results, but also the camaraderie. And with 3 young boys, I intend to stay fit to be a great role model for them.
Mark Nolan (50+ Realtor)

I have never stuck to an exercise program and now I look forward to IMPACT. Every workout is different, productive and the hour goes by so fast. Our coach keeps us accountable so even on days that I would prefer to sleep in I know she is looking out for me to arrive. Within a short amount of time IMPACT gave me the stamina to keep up with the younger and quicker players on my soccer team. I could swiftly running across the field and felt so proud that my exercise had paid off. Because of boot camp I was able to play more competitively.
Barbara Apt (40, mother of 2, Regional Sales Director)

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